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Table of Contents of The Horrors of Slavery and Other Writings by Robert Wedderburn

List of Illustrations

Part I: The Crucible of Slavery

1. The Horrors of Slavery; exemplified in the Life and History of the Rev. Robert Wedderburn, 1824

Part II: The Making of a Radical Prophet

2. Robert Wedderburn, Truth Self-Supported; or A Refutation of Certain Doctrinal Errors Generally Adopted in the Christian Church, (ca. 1802)
3. Robert Wedderburn to Francis Place, Giltspur St. Prison, 22 March 1831

Part III: Jamaican-British Revolutionary

4. The Axe Laid to the Root, or A Fatal Blow to Oppressors, Being an Address to the Planter and Negroes of the Island of Jamaica. No. 1 (1817)
5. The Axe Laid to the Root, No. 2 (1817)
6. The Axe Laid to the Root, No. 4 (1817)
7. The Axe Laid to the Root, No. 6 (1817)

Part IV: Insurrectionary Preacher

8. “Can it be Murder to Kill a Tyrant?” Handbill, Hopkins Street Chapel, August 1819
9. PRO HO 42/195, Hopkins Street Chapel (9 August 1819)
10. PRO HO 42/191, [Rev. Chetwode Eustace] (10 August 1819)
11. PRO TS 11/45/167, Rex vs. Wedderburn, Deposition of Richard Dalton, 13 October 1819
12. PRO TS 11/45/167, Rex vs Wedderburn, Examination of William Plush
13. PRO TS 11/45/167, In the Kings Bench Sittings after Hilary Term Middlesex, the King against Robert Wedderburn for Blasphemy, Brief for the Crown
14. PRO HO 42/196, Richard Dalton, “Wesleyan Methodists — Hopkins Street Chapel,” 10 November 1819
15. PRO HO 42/199, fo. 134, John Davis, 21 November 1819

Part V: Infidel

16. The Address of the Rev R. Wedderburn to the Court of King’s Bench at Westminster, on appearing to receive Judgement for Blasphemy … Edited by Erasmus Perkins (1820)
17. Rev R. Wedderburn, Cast Iron Parsons, or Hints to the Public and the Legislature, on Political Economy (1820)
18. The Lion, 21 March 1828, “The Holy Liturgy, or Divine Service, upon the principle of Pure Christian Diabolism …”