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Table of Contents of The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century

Africa Antiqua
1. Arid Nurse of Lions
2. Carbuncles and Gold
3. Romans and Garamantes

Sahara and Sudan
4. The Tuareg and Other Peoples of the Sahara
5. Peoples of the Sudan
6. The Arabs

Medieval Empires
7. The Almoravids
8. The Gold of Ghana
9. Mansa Musa of Mali
10. Ibn Battuta: A Fourteenth-Century TravelerĀ in the Sudan

The Golden Trade
11. The Crescent and the Cross
12. The Quest for Gold
13. The Discovery of Guinea
14. Wangara

The Rise and Fall of the Songhai Empire
15. The Songhai
16. Leo Africanus: an Early Sixteenth-Century TravelerĀ in the Sudan
17. Mulai Ahmad al-Mansur
18. Taghaza
19. The Desert Army
20. The Invasion of the Sudan
21. The Fall of Songhai
22. Adh-Dhahabi

Nineteenth-Century Revolutions
23. The European Penetration of the Interior
24. Bornu, Hausa, and the Fulani Empire of Sokoto
25. The Last of the Caravans

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