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Table of Contents of The Cold War in Europe: Era of a Divided Continent


Introduction to the 1996 Edition

I Contexts of Interpretation

1 Charles S. Maier
After the Cold War: Introduction to the 1991 Edition

2 Thomas J. McCormick
America’s Half Century: United States Foreign Policy in the Cold War

II Dividing Europe

3 W. Averell Harriman and Elie Abel
Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin

4 Radomir Luza
Czechoslovakia between Democracy and Communism

5 John Gaddis
Spheres of Influence: The United States and Europe, 1945-1949

6 Geir Lundestad
Empire by Invitation? The United States and Western Europe, 1945-1952

III The Political Economy of the Cold War Era

7 Charles S. Maier
The Politics of Productivity: Foundations of American International Economic Policy after World War II

8 Michael Hogan
The Marshall Plan

9 Alan S. Milward
The Reconstruction of Western Europe

10 Lutz Niethammer
Structural Reform and a Compact for Growth: Conditions for a United Labor Union Movement in Western Europe after the Collapse of Fascism

11 Anthony Carew
Labour and the Marshall Plan

IV Dimensions of Strategy and Force

12 Marc Trachtenberg
The Nuclearization of NATO and U.S.-West European Relations

13 Mark Kramer, editor and translator
Hungary and Poland, 1956: Khrushchev’s CPSU CC Presidium Meeting on East European Crises, 24 October 1956

Suggestions for Further Reading and Research