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Table of Contents of Libète: A Haiti Anthology

Chapter One – Colonialism and Revolution

1. The Tainos: The Voyage of Christopher Columbus – John Cummins
2. Forced Conversion: King Ferdinand’s Letter to the Tainos – King Ferdinand of Castille
3. Colonisation: Les Racines du sous-développement en Haïti – Benoît Joachim
4. The Buccaneers: La Nation Haïtenne – Dantés Belegarde
5. Cut of Africa: The Drum and the Hoe – Harold Courlander
6. Slaves and Profitability: The Black Jacobins – CLR James
7. Torture: Notes ˆM. le Baron V.P. Malouet – Baron de Vastey
8. The Maroons: Marronage in the French Caribbean – Gabriel Debien
9. Poison: The Kingdom of This World – Alejo Carpentier
10. The Field Slaves: The Making of Haiti: the Saint-Dorningue Revolution from Below – Carolyn Fick
11. White Society: A Civilization that Perished: the Last Years of White Colonial Rule – Moreau de Saint-Méry
12. The ‘Pigmentocracy’: Racial Categories: Description de la partie française de l’Ile de Saint-Domingue – Moreau de Saint-Méry
13. Boukman’s Ceremony: Histoire de Toussaint L’ouverture – Pauléus Sannon
14. The Uprising: Black Liberator – Stéphen Alexis
15. British Graveyard: The British Army and the Slave Revolt – David Geggus
16. Military Strategy: Letter to Laveaux – Toussaint Louverture
17. Slave Turned General: Toussaint Louverture: Haiti’s Tragic Hero – René Depestre
18. Dessalines: Thank You Dessalines – Félix Morisseau-Leroy
19. Birth of Haiti: Declaration of Independence – Boisrond Tonnerre

Chapter Two – The Status Quo: Elites, Soldiers and Dictators

1. Land and Colour: From Dessalines to Duvalier – David Nicholls
2. Christophe’s Kingdom: Brief Notices of Hayti – John Candler
3. Taxing the Peasantry: Haiti’s Nightmare and the Lessons of History – Michel-Rolph Trouillot
4. Ephemeral Presidencies: Heads of State – Various Sources
5. Divided Elite: Hayti or the Black Republic – Spencer St John
6. Rise of the Military: Haiti: State against Nation – Michel-Rolph Trouillot
7. Coup-Mongers: The Vortex Family – Jean Métellus
8. Banking on Terror: The Nightmare Republic – Graham Greene
9. Taming the Vatican: Il était un fois … François Duvalier – Jean-Claudiste National Action Committee
10. Baby Doc and Repression: Les Cachots des Duvalier – Marc Romulus
11. Blood Money: Haiti: the Duvaliers and Their Legacy – Elizabeth Abbott
12. Election Day Massacre: Papa Doc, Baby Doc – James Ferguson
13. Unnatural Justice: No Greater Priority: Judicial Reform in Haiti – National Coalition for Haitian Refugees
14. The Smuggling Industry: The Military and Society in Haiti – Michel Laguerre
15. The View From Above: The Rainy Season – Amy Wilentz
16. Traditional Oligarchy and New Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Ben Dupuy, Aristide’s Ambassador-at-Large – Catherine Orenstein
17. Enemies of Reform: Haiti in the New World Order – Alex Dupuy
18. Aristide’s Overthrow: Aristide: an Autobiography – Jean-Bertrand Aristide
19. Human Rights Under Fire: Resistance and Democracy – Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organisations
20. The Powerful Few: Haiti’s Family Affairs – James Ridgeway

Chapter Three – Rural Haiti: Peasants, Land and the Environment

1. Rural Isolation: The Magic Island – William Seabrook
2. Working Together: The Drum and the Hoe – Harold Courlander
3. The Peasant Farmer’s Year: Making a Living in the Marbial Valley – Alfred Métraux
4. Women’s Work: Haïti et ses femmes – Madeleine Sylvain Bouchereau
5. The Rural Market: Bulletin météorologique du College Saint-Martial – P. Baltenweck
6. Haiti’s Higglers: Markets in Haiti – Sidney Mintz
7. Coffee and Conflict: Commune of Borgne – Haiti Info
8. A Coffee Port: An Aroma of Coffee – Dany Laferrière
9. Law of the Land: Haitian Peasant Economy – George Eaton Simpson
10. Land and Politics: San kontinye ap koule nan Latibonit – Libète
11. Smaller and Poorer: Coup d’oeil sur le passé – Georges Anglade
12. A History of Degradation: Causes de la dégradation de l’environnement en Haïti. – COHPEDA
13. Unnatural Disaster: Quelques donnees sur la réalité dramatique de l’environnement en Haïti – Federation des Amis de Ia Nature
14. Charcoal: the Last Resort: Interview with a Charcoal Maker – Leah Gordon and Anne Parisio
15. The Creole Pig Disaster: Swine Fever Ironies – Bernard Diederich
16. Resisting the Outside World: Underdevelopment in Haiti – Mats Lundahl
17. Ignoring the Experts: The Low Voice of Saint-Jules Clocy, A Haitian Farmer – Ideas and Action
18. Singing the Blues: Peyizan yo – Gwo Zago’s gwoupman
19. Passive Victims or Agents of Change? The Rainy Season – Amy Wilentz

Chapter Four – Poverty and Urban Life

1. Under the Table: In the Parish of the Poor – Jean-Bertrand Aristide
2. The Rural Crisis: Famine and Food Aid – Haiti Briefing
3. Child Servants: Rèstavek: Four-Year-Old Child Servants – J.P. Slavin
4. Urban Chaos: All the Trouble in the World – P.J. O’Rourke
5. Life in Cité Soleil: Coup d’Etat and Contraceptives – Catherine Maternowska
6. Beyond Slums, More Slums: Haiti: the Taiwan of the Caribbean Breaks Away – Mike Kamber
7. Everyday Mysteries: A Place called Haiti – Amy Wilentz
8. Street Life: Urban Life in the Caribbean – Michel Laguerre
9. Mickey Mouse in Port-au-Prince: Living on the Edge of Misery – Charles Kernaghan
10. Beasts of Burden: The Bouretyes’ Burden – Haiti Info
11. Surviving in the Informal Sector: Political Economy in Haiti – Simon Fass
12. Mean Streets: Street Children – Haiti lnfo
13. Sick Hospitals: General Hospital: Ante-Chamber of Death – Ives-Marie Chanel
14. The Health Crisis: Interview with Rose-Anne Auguste – Haiti Support Group
15. Aids and Misinformation: AIDS in Haiti – George Leonard
16. The Cost of Private Education: Equity and Quality in Private Education – Jamil Salmi
17. Promise for the Future: Comités de quartiers – Zacharie Louis and Fred Montas

Chapter Five – Forces for Change

1. The Piquets: Haiti in Caribbean Context – David Nicholls
2. The Steamroller: The Haitians: Class and Colour Politics – Lyonel Paquin
3. The Communists: Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes – Bernard Diederich and Al Burt
4. A History of Resistance: The Long Unknown Struggle of the Haitian People – Arnold Antonin
5. Grassroots Organising: The Peasantry and Political Change in Haiti – Robert Maguire
6. Radio Soleil: Father Hugo Triest Interview – Unda News
7. Cradle of Rebellion: Gonaïves; Symbole de la résistance – Haiti Progrès
8. The Fight for Land: The Milot Land Struggle – Haiti Info
9. Reformists and Revolutionaries: Up by the Roots – Greg Chamberlain
10. Political Resurrection: Jean-Bertrand Aristide – Press Conference
11. Uprooting the Old Order: Haiti’s Popular Resistance – Marx-Vilaire Aristide and Laurie Richardson
12. Peasant Democracy: Interview with Tet Kole Ti Peyizan – Haiti Support Group
13. Popular Power: Press Release – Le Militant
14. Avalanche: The Aristide Factor – Leslie Griffiths
15. Confrontation: L’insurrection du 7 janvier 1991 – Laënnec Hurbon
16. Aristide in Power: Beyond the Mountains, More Mountains – EPICA/Voices for Haiti
17. Peasant Power: MPP Programmes Move Forward – The Peasant
18. Alternative Development: Interview with Camille Chalmers – New Internationalist
19. A Programme for Recovery: Structural Adjustment and the Aid Juggernaut in Haiti -Lisa McGowan
20. Anger in the Streets: Resurrection of the Popular Movement – Haïti Progrès

Chapter Six – Refugees and the Diaspora

1. A History Of Migration: Boat People – Félix Morisseau-Leroy
2. The Lure of Cuba: Haitian Migrants and Backyard Imperialsm – Brenda Gayle Plummer
3. The Massacre: Relations of Production in the Dominican Coffee Economy – Rénald Clérismé
4. Non-Citizens in the Dominican Republic: Beyond the Bateyes – National Coalition for Haitian Rights
5 . Life in the Bateyes: Bitter Sugar – Maurice Lemoine
6. Modern Slavery: Neo-slavery in the Cane Fields: Haitians in the Dominican Republic – Paul Latortue
7. The Bahamas Connection: One Haitian in the Hand and Two in the Bush – P. Anthony White
8. Welcome Workers: La Migration haïtienne en Guadeloupe – Laënnec Hurbon
9. Poverty and Persecution: Aiding Migration: The Input of International Development Assistance – Josh DeWind and Darid Kinley
10. The View From Miami: Liberty – Magnum Band
11. Haitians and Cubans: Children of the Sea – Edwidge Danticat
12. Mass Exodus: The Great Escape – Haïti Progrès
13. Unhappy Returns: Life Still Hard After Aristide’s Second Coming – Dan Coughlm
14. Facing Prejudice: Edwidge Danticat: Chronicling the Haitian-American Experience – Garry Pierre-Pierre
15. Haitians in Miami: Interview with Monsignor Thomas Wensky – Libète
16. Spiritual Links: Serving the Spirits across Two Seas – Elizabeth McAlister
17. Anger in Brooklyn: An Alienated and Angered Haitian-American Community Fights Back – James Ridgeway and Jean Jean-Pierre
18. Fugee Star: A Night with Wyclef Jean and the Refugee All-Stars – Karin Joseph

Chapter Seven – Foreign Interventions

1. Condemned to Debt: Haïti: Perspectives – Jean Métellus
2. The ‘Arab Invasion’: Economic Dependence and Political Autonomy: The Haitian Experience – David Nicholls
3. The Corvée: Les Blancs débarquent – Roger Gaillard
4. Against the Yankees: Lettre – Charlemagne Péralte
5. Open for Business: L’occupation américane d’Haiti – Suzy Castor
6. A Country Being Killed: A Haitian View of the Occupation – Normil Sylvain
7. Undermining the Economy: L’espace rural haïtien – Ernest Bernardin
8. Aiding Dictatorship: The New Haitian Exodus – Alex Stepick
9. The American Plan: Haiti’s Agricultural Production – Haiti Info
10. Saving Souls: Bonjour Blanc – Ian Thomson
11. Versions of Development: Haiti Held Hostage – Robert Maguire et at.
12. Funding the Transition: Low Intensity Democracy in Haiti – William Robinson
13. The CIA Payroll: Tous les ‘nationalistes’ agents de la CIA – Haïti en Marche
14. Paramilitary Allies: Our Man In FRAPH: Behind Haiti’s Paramilitaries – Allan Nairn
15. The Real Coup-Mongers: Position of the Popular Organisations on the Country’s Crisis – Fourteen Popular Organisations
16. Structural Adjustment: Aristide Agrees to Austerity – Allan Nairn
17. Welcome Invasion: The Significance of Haiti – Paul Farmer
18. Business as Usual: Democracy Restored? – Noam Chomsky
19. The Disarmament Issue: Haiti: Disarmament Derailed – Laurie Richardson
20. The Power of Culture: Haitian Culture: Basis for Development – Jean-Claude Martineau

Haitian Portraits – Leah Gordon

Chapter Eight – Popular Religion and Culture

1. Black Magic: Histoire d’Haïti – Thomas Madiou
2. What is Vodou?: The Social History of Haitian Vodou – Sidney Mintz and Michel-Rolph Trouillot
3. World of Spirits: Voodoo: Truth and Fantasy – Laënnec Hurbon
4. Symbols and Signs: Lwa Chart – Various sources
5. Erzili Dantò: Tracing the Spirit – Karen McCarthy Brown
6. Zozo: Envoi: The Gedes and Bawon Samdi – Donald Cosentino
7. Spirit Possession: Voodoo – Alfred Métraux
8. Herbal Medicine: Spirits of the Night – Selden Rodman and Carole Cleaver
9. Secret Societies: Serving the Spirits: the Ritual Economy of Haitian Vodou – Karen McCarthy Brown
10. Vodou is a Religion: So Spoke the Uncle – Jean Price Mars
11. The Curse of Vodou: Vodoun and Politics in Haiti – Rémy Bastien
12. Political Missionaries: Beyond the Mountains, More Mountains – EPICA/Voices for Haiti
13. Haitian Painting: The Traveller’s Tree – Patrick Leigh Fermor
14. Rara: Caribbean Revels – Gage AveriIl and Verna Gillis
15. Haitian Rhythms: Dances of Haiti – Katherine Dunham
16. Up for the Cup: The Man Who Beat Dino Zoff – Charles Arthur
17. Cock-Fighting: Black Haiti – Blair Niles
18. The Final Hope: Banking on Shit – Charles Arthur
19. The Oral Tradition: Riddles and Jokes – Various Sources
20. Tall Tales: Papa God and General Death – Diane Wolkstein
21. Proverbial Wisdom: Proverbs – Various Sources

Chapter Nine – Literature and Language

1. The Fallacy of Racial Superiority: De l’égalité des races humaines – Anténor Firmin
2. Folk Romanticism: Choucoune – Oswald Durand
3. Vodou Obsessions: Au gré du souvenir – Frédéric Marcelin
4. The Poetic Renaissance: Five Poems – Philippe Thoby-Marcelin, Carl Brouard, Leon Laleau, Emile Roumer
5. For a Folk Literature: so Spoke the Uncle – Jean Price Mars
6. Literature and ldeology: L’art au service du peuple – Carl Brouard
7. The Peasant Novel: Masters of the Dew – Jacquas Roumain
8. The Conquistadors Return: Les arbres musiciens – Jacques Stéphen Alexis
9. Defiance and Dread: Dezafi – Franketienne
10. A Dream of Revenge: Mémoire en colin-maillard – Anthony PheIps
11. Death and Resurrection: Cathedral of the August Heat – Pierre Clitandre
12. Papadocracy: The Festival of the Greasy Pole – René Depestre
13. Love and Murder: Amour colère, folie – Marie Chauvet
14. Real Nightmares: Breath, Eyes, Memory – Edwidge Danticat
15. A Primitive Writer: Pays sans chapeau – Dany Laferrière
16. The Impossible Return: Les urnes scellées – Emile Ollivier

Chapter Ten – The View From Abroad

1. Subversive Rites: A Civilization that Perished – Moreau de Saint-Méry
2. Heroic Toussaint: Toussaint Louverture – John Greenleaf Whittier
3. Authentic Ecstasy: The Magic Island – William Seabrook
4. A Darker World: White Shadows in a Black Land – Langston Hughes
5. Unreliable Haitians: Tell My Horse – Zora Neale Hurston
6. Rural Haiti: The Haitian Panorama – Pierre Mabile
7. Presence of the Caribbean: The Great Camouflage – Suzanne Césaire
8. Christophe’s Suicide: The Kingdom of This World – Alejo Carpentier
9. Haitian Homecoming: The Comedians – Graham Greene
10. Vodou President Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes – Bernard Diederich and Al Burt
11. Singular Horror: The Serpent and the Rainbow – Wade Davis
12. Vigilante Justice: Beyond the Mountains – Mark Danner
13. The View Beyond the Palace: The Rainy Season – Amy Wilentz
14. Haiti’s Messiah: No Other Life – Brian Moore
15. The Haitian Other: Continental Drift – Russell Banks

Ayiti Demen – Jean-Claude Martineau