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Table of Contents of Holy City on the Nile: Omdurman During the Mahdiyya


Chapter One: Towns in the Sudan
Chapter Two: The Creation of a City

The Rise of Omdurman
The Peopling of the City
The Population of Omdurman

Chapter Three: Governing the Mahdi’s City

Authorities and Structures
The Khalıfa, Ya’qūb and the Ansār
Institutions and Omdurman Society
Issues of Health and Safety

Chapter Four: The Mahdist Social Order and Omdurman

Towards an Ideal Society
The Khalifa Between Ideal and Reality
The Bayt al-Māl and the Social Order

Chapter Five: Social Relations in the Mahdi’s City

Settlement Patterns
Economic Activities
The Integration of the Elite
A Society in Transition

Chapter Six: The Omdurman Experience



Informants to the Study
Maps of Omdurman