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Table of Contents of The History of African Cities South of the Sahara: From the Origins to Colonization

Table of Contents

1. Cities in Africa
— African urbanization?
— Precolonial African cities: an attempt at definition
— An attempt at periodization

2. Ancient cities
— East Africa and the Meriotic heritage
— Western Sudan and the interior delta of the Niger

3. Bantu cities
— Zimbabwe and the stone ruins of southern Africa
— The capitals of the small kingdoms of central Africa
— The capitals of central west African kingdoms

4. Islam and African cities
— From ancient to Islamized cities
— The west of Africa
— Swahili cities

5. The Atlantic period
— Before the slave trade
— The slave trade period

6. The nineteenth century urban revolution
— Ports and markets in East Africa
— The urban revolution in Sudanese Africa
— From north to south: the colonial transition

Index of cities and peoples