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Table of Contents of Historical Problems of Imperial Africa


Problem I: The Partition of Africa

Robinson and Gallagher: Egypt and the Partition of Africa
Stengers: King Leopold, Savorgnan de Brazza, and the Beginning of the Scramble for Africa
Newbury and Kanya-Fostner: The French Policy and the Scramble for Africa
Taylor: Germany’s First Bid for African Colonies
Turner: Bismarck Changes his Mind
Robinson and Gallagher: Britain’s Nilotic Imperative
Sanderson: French Policy on the Upper Nile
Robinson and Gallagher: The Meaning of Fashoda
Hopkins: Africa and the Victorians: The Method and the Argument
Suggested Readings

Problem II: Collaboration or Resistance to European Rule

Robinson and Gallagher: Romantic Reactionaries Versus Sophisticated Collaborators
Oliver and Fage: The Futility of Resistance: The Success of Collaboration
Hargreaves: African Reaction to the Imposition of Colonial Rule in West Africa
Ranger: African Reaction to the Imposition of Colonial Rule in East and Central Africa
Hopkins: Resistance, Collaboration, and the Transformation in the Terms of Trade
Steinhart: Conflict and Collaboration
Suggested Readings

Problem III: Colonial Rule in Africa

Lugard: Principles of Native Administration
Lugard: Methods of Native Administration: Political Officers and Native Rulers
Low and Pratt: British Colonial Policy and Tribal Rulers
Lewis: One Hundred Million Frenchmen: The Assimilation Theory in French Colonial Policy
Betts: Association in French Colonial Theory
Deschamps: Association and Indirect Rule
Crowder: Indirect Rule-French and British Style
Suggested Readings

Problem IV: Educating the African

Macmichael: Education and Its Results
Jones: Education in Africa
Hailey: An African Survey
Wilson: Problems in Applying the Phelps-Stokes Report
Rodney: Education for Underdevelopment
Moumouni: Education in Africa
Chanaiwa: Colonial Education in Southern Africa
Suggested Readings

Problem V: Forging a National Identity

Ranger: Early Nationalism in East and Central Africa
Iliffe: The Maji Maji Rebellion
Kilson: Nationalism in Sierra Leone
Lonsdale: Some Origins of Nationalism in East Africa
Louis and Robinson: The United States, European Disengagement, and African Nationalism
Suggested Readings

Problem VI: Exploitation or Development

Gann and Guignan: The Burden of Empire
Fieldhouse: The Myth of Economic Exploitation
Crowder: The Economic Impact of Colonial Rule in West Africa
Rodney: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
Onimode: Imperialism and Underdevelopment in Nigeria
Boahen: The Colonial Impact
Suggested Readings

Vegetation Regimes of Africa
Europe in Africa on the Eve of Partition
Missionaries and Explorers in Africa Prior to the Partition
African States on the Eve of Partition: 1884
Africa in 1914