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Table of Contents of Hildegard of Bingen: Healing and the Nature of the Cosmos

I. Introduction

II. Life and Work
1. The Formative Years and Adolescence
2. The Written Work
3. Musical and Artistic Works
4. The Prophetic Mission
5. The Final Years

III. The World and Humanity
1. The Spiritual Setting
2. Humanity in the Cosmos
3. The Nature of the Body
4. The Human Being as Male and Female
5. Working upon Nature

IV. Natural History and the Healing Arts
1. The Workings of Nature
2. The Basis and Nature of Disease
3. The Means of Healing as the Means to Salvation
4. The Healing Arts as a guide to the Art of Living
5. The Way of Nature and the Conduct of Life

V. Healing and Salvation
1. The Ways of Creation
2. Humankind as Responsible Creature
3. Orienting Humanity in the World
4. The Completion of the World
5. The End of Time

VI. Looking Ahead