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Table of Contents of Global Practice in World History: Advances Worldwide

Patrick Manning

Debates and Directions in Research
1. Mapping World History: Report on the World History Research Agenda Symposium
David Christian, Marilyn Lake, and Potukuchi Swarnalatha

World and Global History in the University
2. Monographic and Macro Histories: Confronting Paradigms
Diego Olstein
3. World History from an Islamic Perspetive: The Experience of the International Islamic University Malaysia
Ahmed Igrahim Abushouk
4. Creating Global History from Asian Perspectives
Shigeru Akita
5. Teaching Modern Global History at Nankai: A Noncentric and Holistic Approach
Zhang Weiwei
6. World History and Global Studies at the University of Leipzig
Matthias Middell and Katja Naumann
7. Global History and Economic History: A View of the L.S.E. Experience in Research and Graduate Teaching
Gareth Austin
8. Directing Research in World History at Washington State University
Heather Streets

Institutions Sustaining World History
9. The Journal of World History
Jerry H. Bentley
10. The Significance of the Research Institute for World History (NPO-IF) in Japan
Shingo Minamizuka
11. Museums and World History
Leslie Witz
12. The World History Network, Inc.—Facilitating Global Historical Research
Patrick Manning

Notes on Contributors