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Table of Contents of Germany and the Middle East: 1871–1945

Maps, Illustrations, and Documents
Preface and Acknowledgments

The German Middle Eastern Policy, 1871–1945
Wolfgang G. Schwanitz

The German Mission to Afghanistan, 1915–1916
Thomas L. Hughes

“When Continents Awake, Island Empires Fall!”: Germany and the Destabilization of the East, 1919–1922
Hans-Ulrich Seidt

“The Jinnee and the Magic Bottle”: Fritz Grobba and German Middle East Policy, 1900–1945
Wolfgang G. Schwanitz

German-Saudi Relations and Their Actors on the Arabian Peninsula, 1924–1939
Uwe Pfullmann

German Research on the Ancient Near East and its Relation to Political and Economic Interests from Kaiserreich to World War II
Stefan R. Hauser

Berlin—Ankara—Baghdad: Franz von Papen and German Near East Policy during the Second World War
Karl Heinz Roth

In the Shadow of the Moon: Arab Inmates in Nazi Concentration Camps
Gerhard Höpp

Selected Bibliography
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