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Table of Contents of From Marxism to Judaism: Collected Essays of Will Herberg

Preface, by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Introduction: Will Herberg in Retrospect, by David G. Dalin

Part I. From Marxism to Judaism
1. The Crisis of Socialism
2. From Marxism to Judaism
3. Reinhold Niebuhr: Christian Apologist to the Secular World

Part II. Jewish Religious Thought: Issues and Perspectives
4. Has Judaism Still Power to Speak? A Religion for an Age of Crisis
5. Rosenzweig’s “Judaism of Personal Existence”: A Third Way Between Orthodoxy and Modernism
6. The Chosenness of Israel and the Jew of Today
7. Socialism, Zionism and the Messianic Passion
8. Judaism as Personal Decision

Part III. Anti-Semitism and Jewish Survival
9. The Theology of Anti-Semitism
10. Anti-Semitism on the Left
11. Anti-Semitism Today

Part IV. Religion and Public Life
12. The Sectarian Conflict Over Church and State: A Divisive Threat to our Democracy?
13. Religion and Public Life

Part V. Religion in America: Trends and Developments
14. The Postwar Revival of the Synagogue: Does It Reflect a Religious Awakening?
15. The Religion of Americans and American Religion
16. America’s Civil Religion: What It Is and Whence It Comes