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Table of Contents of Darfur: The Long Road to Disaster (Updated 2008 Edition)


I. Sahara, Sahel, and Sudan
Crossing the Sahara
The Power of Belief
The Bonds of Blood
Boundaries and Frontiers
Implacable Imperialism

II. Chad: An African Conundrum
France and the Republic of Chad
The Tombalbaye Government
Seeking Support Outside Paris
Revolt in the B.E.T.
Drought and the Insurgency
A Nasty Little War
The Tombalbaye Fights Back
The Return of the French
French Conditions and Tombalbaye’s Response
Opposition in France
The French Military in Chad
The Libyan Card

III. The Sudan and Tombalbaye: Muslims and Christians
The Sudan and Chad
Sadiq al-Mahdi and Chad
The Sahelian Drought
The Return of Hasan al-Turabi
Turabi and Sadiq
Numayri and Chad

IV. Libya and Tombalbaye: Muslim Arabs and Christian Africans
Qaddafi’s Game
Geopolitic Visions
The Chad-Libyan Boundary Dispute Revisited
Cartographic and Other Territorial Aggression
Hissene Habre
The Aozou Strip
Drought and Man in the Aozou Strip and the B.E.T.
Security for Tombalbaye
FROLINAT in Disarray
L’affaire Claustre

V. The Struggle for Chad
The United States and Tombalbaye
Tombalbaye Assassinated
The Conseil Superieur Militaire du Tchad and Felix Malloum
Presidents Giscard and Malloum
Dissension Within the FAN
Qaddafi and the Sudan
The Return of the French
Regional Geopolitics in a Changing World
Egypt, Libya, Niger, and the OAU
Habre Joins Malloum
The Popular Armed Forces on the Offensive

VI. Libya Threatens Chad
Habre and the Transitional Government of National Unity
Political Disarray and Violence in Ndjamena
Libyan Intervention and GUNT
France Leaves, Libya Arrives
Habre Is Isolated
Libya Incorporates Chad
The OAU and Chad
The Reagan Response
The OAU and Libya

VII. Habre Brings Order
Habre Recovers
Mitterrand Assumes Command
Habre on the Attack
Libyan Troops Depart Followed by the GUNT
Habre Triumphant
The United States and Habre
Qaddafi in Defeat and the Beginning of Organized Terror

VIII. The Libyan Counterattack
The United States, Chad, and the Sudan
Qaddafi on the Attack
Victories at Ounianga Kebir and Faya
The Gorane Counterattack
Operation Manta
Stabilizing the Red Line
The Vittel Conference
Pacifying the South
Habre’s UNIR; Qaddafi’s CLN
More Strains Within the Rebel Leadership
From Tripoli to Crete

IX. Famine in the B.E.T.: Instability in Darfur
Famine and Western Relief
Instability in the Sudan
Qaddafi Continues to Meddle in Chad
Numayri is Deposed
The Libyan Buildup
Operation Épervier
The United States Attack Qaddafi
Sadiq Victorious
Sadiq and Darfur

X. Habre Victorious
Acheikh and the Battle for Fada
Goukouni the Captive
Habre Conquers All
Libya Attacks Goukouni
Qaddafi Attacks “Ibri”
Libyan Forces in Darfur
Qaddafi and Khartoum
Victory at Wadi Doum, Darfur, and Ounianga
The Fezzan Threatened; The Hadjerai Revolt
The FANT Invades Libya

XI. Conflict in Darfur
Sadiq and the Libyans
Peace in the B.E.T.
1988 in Ndjamena, Tripoli, and El Fasher
Deby and the Zaghawa Defy Habre
The Collapse of the Chad-Libya Rapprochement
Tribal Tensions in Darfur
Revolution in the Sudan
Libya-Sudan Brotherhood
The Algiers Agreement and the Aozou
Habre and Deby Struggle for Darfur

XII. Deby Victorious
The Libya-Sudan Integration Charter
Deby Takes the Offensive
Reaction in Darfur
Drought in Darfur
Deby Counterattacks, Again
The More things Change…

XIII. A Tenuous Peace before the Conflict Resumes in Darfur and Chad
Regional Realignment
Chad in Political Change
Habre, Hail and Farewell
France, Deby, and Oil
The Aozou Solution

XIV. Disaster in Darfur
The Price of Impotence
The Crisis in Darfur: Sudan Liberation Movement/Army
Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)
The War
The International Community Struggles to Respond
The Media, Diplomacy, and Humanitarians
Prevarications and Genocide

XV. Epilogue
The Chadian Connection
The Abuja Agreement