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Table of Contents of Colonialism (Updated and Expanded Edition)

New introduction by Robert Tignor
Updated bibilography by Juergen Osterhammel
I. “Colonization” and “Colonies”
Forms of Expansion in History
Colonies: A Classification

II. “Colonialism” and “Colonial Empires”
Colonialism: A Definition
Colonial Empires and “Informal Empire”

III. Epochs of Colonialism
Problems of a History of Colonialism
Creation of New Colonies: A Periodization

IV. Conquest and Resistance
Frontier Violence and Military Invasions
Defeats and Resistance

V. The Colonial State
Forms of State and Government
Tasks and Administration of the Colonial State
The Bureaucratic Intervention State
Indigenous Collaboration
Territorial Administration

VI. Colonial Economic Forms
Imperial and Colonial Economic Politics
Rural Agriculture
Capitalist Production

VII. Colonial Societies
Ethnocultural Demarcation in the Old World
Colonial Cities and Plural Societies

VIII. Colonialism and Indigenous Culture

IX. Colonialist Ideology

X. Decolonization