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Table of Contents of Capoeira & Candomblé: Conformity and Resistance Through Afro-Brazilian Experience


Part I
Capoeira: Playfully Practicing Philosophy

Chapter One
A Brief History of The Art
Chapter Two: Capoeira Becoming
Chapter Three: How The Art is Becoming
Chapter Four: How The Becoming Is Processual
Chapter Five: Nonlinear and Sinuous is the Road
Postscript to Chapter Five

Part II
Candomblé: Living Philosophy, Philosophical Living

Chapter Six
Rhythms and Rituals of Resistance
Chapter Seven
Hegemonic Pressure
Chapter Eight
Does Syncretism Give an Adequate Account?
Chapter Nine
More Complex than Meets the Eye
Chapter Ten
Process: Perpetual Change within Stability
Chapter Eleven
The Dichotomies Become More Pliable

Part II
Those Other Logics Within Cultural Processes

Chapter Twelve
Qualifying the Process: An Impossible Task?
Chapter Thirteen
Attempting to Refine the Figure Further
Chapter Fourteen
Still in Search of Process

Part IV
Capoeira and Candomblés as Cultural Logics

Chapter Fifteen
Brazilian Haziness
Chapter Sixteen
Capoeira, Again
Chapter Seventeen
Candomblé, One More Time


Appendix A

Appendix B