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Table of Contents of Beyond Fragmentation: Perspectives on Caribbean History

Preface: Franklin Knight

Introduction: Juanita De Barros, Audra A. Diptee, David V. Trotman

SECTION I: Slavery & Emancipation

1) Slavery and Emancipation in the French Caribbean: Recent Scholarship — David Geggus

2) Slavery, Race, and Power: A Half-Century of Spanish Caribbean Scholarship — Francisco A. Scarano

3) Slavery in the Dutch Caribbean: The Books No One Has Read — Alex van Stipriaan

4) The Historiography of Slavery and Abolition in the Anglophone Caribbean — Gad Heuman

SECTION II: Aftermath of Slavery

5) Two-Hundred-Year-Old Mountains: Issues and Themes in the Historiography of the Modern Francophone Caribbean — Matthew J. Smith

6) The Aftermath of Slavery in the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean: Historiography and Methodology — Aline Helg

7) Cherchez la femme and Other Quests in the Historiography of the Dutch Caribbean in the Post-Emancipation Era — Rosemarijn Hoefte

8) Recent Developments in the Historiography of the Post-Emancipation Anglophone Caribbean — Bridget Brereton

SECTION III: Colonialism & Decolonization

9) History’s Quarrel: The Future of the Past in the French Caribbean — Laurent Dubois

10) New National Spaces in the Spanish Caribbean: A Methodological Inquiry — Blanca G. Silvestrini

11) Historiography of Decolonization in the Anglophone Caribbean — O. Nigel Bolland