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Table of Contents of African History in Documents, Vol. III: Central and South African History

1. Olfert Dapper:
The Kingdom of Congo

2. Rui de Agular:
King Affonso I

3. Filippo Pigafetta and Duarte López:
The Successors to Affonso I

4. Andrew Battell:
The Jaga

5. Alvare II and Alvare III, Kings of Congo:
Relations Between the Kingdom of Congo and the Papacy

6. Monsignor Confalonreri:
São Tomé and the Slave Trade

7. Filippo Pigafetta and Duarte López:
Paulo Diaz de Novais in Angola

8. Giovanni Cavazzi:
Queen Anna Nzinga

9. Manuel de Faria e Sousa:
The Kingdom of the Monomotapa

10. Antonio Suárez:
The Conversion of the Monomotapa

11. Father Pinto:
The Kingdom of the Kazembe

12. P.J. Baptista:
The Kazembe

13. A. C. P. Gamitto:
The Maravi

14. Charles Livingstone:
The Prazeros

15. Hermenegildo Capello and Roberto Ivens:
Benguella in 1877

16. Robert Moffat:

17. Ndansi Kumalo:
The Ndebele Rebellion

18. Lord Bledisloe:
Native Policy in Rhodesia, 1938

19. Paul du Chaillu:
Trade in Gabon

20. Henry Morton Stanley:
The Great Rainforest of the Congo

21. Edgar Canislus:
Rubber Collecting in the Congo

22. Léon Pétillon:
Native Policy in the Belgian Congo

23. Patrice Lumumba:
Crisis of Confidence

24. Cristopher Nyangoni and Gideon Nyandoro (eds.):
Zimbabwe Independence Movements: Select Documents


25. Jan van Riebeeck and Z. Wagenaar:
Of the Native Tribes of South Africa

26. Andrew Sparrman:
The Boers

27. Thomas Pringle:
Boer Meeb Bantu

28. Henry Francis Fynn:

29. Andrew Geddes Bain:
The Ngwaketse Defeat the Kololo

30. Anna Elizabeth Steenkamp:
The Great Trek

31. James Chapman:
The Boers and Their Attack on Kwena

32. Newspaper Account:
The Governor and the Tembookies

33. John Mackenzie:
Bushman Land

34. Jan Christiaan Smuts:
A Century of Wrong

35. Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr:
The Representation of Natives Act, 1936

36. M.D. C. de Wet Nel

The Principles of Apartheid

37. Nelson Rolihlahie Mandela:

Verwoerd’s Tribalism

38. Helen Suzman:

Mrs. Suzman and Apartheid

39. Steve Biko:
Black Consciousness and the Quest for TrueHumanity

40. Joe Foster:
The Workers’ Struggle – Where Does FOSATU Stand?

41. Nelson Mandela:
Address to the ANC

42. Zwelakhe Sisulu:
Keynote Address to the National Education Crisis Committee, Second National Consultative Conference

43. Terror Lekota: