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Table of Contents of African History in Documents, Vol. II: Eastern African History

1. Anonymous:
Periplus of the Erythraean Sea

2. Ezana:
The Destruction of Kush

3. Cosmas Indicopleustes:
Trade in Ethiopia

4. Tuan Ch’eng-shih:
China’s Discovery of Africa

5. João de Barros:
The Founding of Kilwa

6. Ibn Battuta:
The East African Coast in 1331

7. Duarte Barbosa:
The East Coast of Africa at the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century

8. Francisco Alvarez:
The Land of Prester John

9. João dos Santos:
The Wizimba

10. Gaspar Bocarro:
From Tete to Kilwa

11. Father Lobo:
Portuguese Missionaries in Ethiopia

12. James Bruce:
Sheik Adlan and the Black Horse Cavalry of Sennar

13. John Lewis Burckhardt:

14. John Hanning Speke:
Unyamwezi and Buganda

15. Sir Samuel Baker:
Khartoum and the Nilotic Slave Trade

16. Georg Schweinfurth:
King Munza

17. Salim al-Mazrui:
The Sultan and Mombasa

18. Sir Apolo Kagwa:
Court Life in Buganda

19. Records of Maji Maji:
The Maji Maji Rebellion, 1905-1907

20. Ruhanantuka:
Flight of the Ekirimbi

21. Ernest Linant de Bellefonds:
Kabaka Mutesa I

22. Mohammed Abdille Hasan:
The Sayyid’s Reply

23. Lord Delamere:
White Man’s Country

24. The Devonshire White Paper:
The Indians in Kenya

25. Jomo Kenyatta:
Meeting at Nyeri July 26, 1952

26. Tom Mboya:
Kenya as a Nation July 23, 1962

27. Ali Dinar:
The Last Sultan of Darfur

28. Sir John Maffey:
British Rule in the Sudan

29. The Problem of the Southern Sudan:
The Addis Ababa Agreement February 27, 1972

30. John Garang do Mabior:
The Genesis of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) 1983

31. Haile Selassie:
At the League of Nations — June 30, 1936

32. Charter of the Organization of African Unity — May 25, 1963

33. The Derg and Mengistu Haile Mariam:
Unity: Foundation of Our Independence and Strength — May 1, 1988

34. Oginga A. Odinga:
Not Yet Uhuru — October 25, 1969

35. Julius K. Nyerere:
The Arusha Declaration — January 29, 1967

36. Apollo Milton Obote:
The Common Man’s Charter: First Steps for Uganda to Move to the Left — December 18, 1969