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Table of Contents of African History in Documents, Vol. I: Western African History


1. Ibn Battuta: Mali

2. Antonius Malfante: Tawat and the Western Sudan Trade

3. Leo Africanus: The Western Sudan in the Sixteenth Century

4. Abd-al-Rahman al-Sadi: Songhay and the Moroccan Invasion

5. Imam Ahmad ibn Fartuwa: Idris Alawma and the Kanem Wars

6. The Kano Chronicle: Kings of Kano

7. Sim Abbas Soh: Abd al-Qadir in Senegalese Futa

8. Abd Allah ibn Muhammad: The Hijra and Holy War of Sheik Uthman dan Fodio

9. Al-Kanami: The Case Against the Jihad

10. Mungo Park: The Niger at Segu

11. Major Dixon Denham: Bornu and Sheik al-Kanami

12. René Caillié: The Trans-Saharan Caravan

13. Heinrich Barth: AI-Hajj Bashir, Kukawa, and Timbuktu

14. Ahmadu Hampate Ba: Sheik Ahmadu and Masina

15. Mohammadon Alion Tyam: The Life of al-Hajj Umar

16. Félix Éboué: Native Policy and Political Institutions in French Equatorial Africa

17. The Brazzaville Conference: The Political and Social Organization of the Colonies

18. Sékou Touré and General de Gaulle: France and West Africa

19. Al-Hajj Sir Ahmadu Bello: Political Leader and Traditional Ruler

20. Léopold Senghor: The Spirit of Civilization or the Laws of African Negro Culture


21. Gomes Eannes de Azurara: The Discovery of Guinea

22. Anonymous: The Guinea Coast in the Sixteenth Century

23. John Barbot: Benin

24. William Bosman: Justice and Warfare at Axim

25. William Snelgrave: The Slaves Mutiny

26. Mercator Honestus: A Defense of the African Slave Trade

27. Captain Hugh Crow: Bonny

28. Archibald Dalzel: Dahomey and Its Neighbors

29. Thomas Fowell Buxton: The Principles of Abolition

30. Theodore Canot: Slaving in Liberia

31. Sir Harry Johnston: Jaja, Nana, and Resistance to British Control

32. Mary Kingsley: The Crown Colony System in West Africa

33. Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg: The Education of the African

34. Lord Lugard: Indirect Rule in Tropical Africa

35. Nnamdi Azikiwe: Nigeria and Independence

36. Kwame Nkrumah: The Axioms of Kwame Nkrumah