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Table of Contents of The African Experience in Spanish America

Part I: The Colonial Period

1. The Iberian Connection
The Portuguese Background
The Spanish Background
The Fateful Decision: Black Slaves for the New World

2. The Slave Trade to Spanish America
The Origins of the Slaves
The Moral Question
1518-1580: Years of Experimentation and Indecision
1580-1640: The Portuguese Predominance
1640-1712: The Asiento Becomes an International Prize
1713-1805: The Asiento and English Dominance
The Slave Traffic: An Assessment
Spanish Slave Trade Policy: A Reflection

3. The African Slave in Spanish America
The Business of Buying and Selling Slaves
The Black Slave as Compatriot in the Conquest
The Black Slave as Indispensable Laborer
Theory and Practice of Slave Law in Colonial Spanish America
The Question of Slave Treatment
Slavery on the Eve of Spanish-American Independence

4. Slave Rebellions and Negroid Resistance
Slave Punishments
Spanish Policy and Fugitive Slaves
Slave Resistance in Colonial Spanish America
Blacks versus Indians
An Analysis of Spanish Policy and Negroid Rebelliousness

5. Free Negroids in Colonial Spanish America
The Society of Castas
The Determination of the Castas
The Church and the Castas
The Problem of Intermarriage
The Educational Plight of the Negroid Castas
Oppression, Tribute and Military Service
Free-Negroid Resistance to the Caste System
Black “White Men” in Spanish America
The Death of the System of Castas

6. Negroid Soldiers in the Wars of Independence
The Origins of the Conflict

The Wars in Southern South America
The Wars of Independence in Northern South America
The Wars of Independence in Central America and Mexico
The Legacy of the Wars of Independence

Part II: Since Independence

7. Negroid Peoples in the Rio de la Plata Countries

8. Negroid Peoples in the Andean States

9. Negroid Peoples in Colombia and Venezuela

10. Negroid Peoples in Central America and Mexico
Central America
Costa Rica

11. Negroid Peoples in Santo Domingo and Cuba
Santo Domingo

12. The Future of the Afro-Latino
A Legacy of Deceit
The Problems of the Present
Spectulation on Things to Come

Appendix 1: Prices of Slaves
Appendix 2: Examples of Restrictionos
Appendix 3: Examples of Restrictions on Free Negroids

Notes to the Text
Bibliographical Update, by Miriam Jimenez Roman and Juan Flores