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Table of Contents of African Diaspora in the Mediterranean Lands of Islam


The Same But Different: Africans in Slavery in the Mediterranean Muslim World, by John Hunwick
The Silence of the Slaves, by Eve M. Troutt Powell
I. Basic Texts on Slavery
II. Some Muslim Views on Slavery
III. Slavery and the Law
IV. Perceptions of Africans in Some Arabic and Turkish Writings
V. Slave Capture
VI. The Middle Passage
VII. Slave Markets
VIII. Eunuchs and Concubines
IX. Domestic Service
X. Agricultural Labor
XI. Military Service
XII. Religion and Community
XIII. Freedom and Post-Slavery
XIV. Abolition of Slavery
XV. Slave Narrative



Slave Market, Marrakesh
76 Slave woman bath attendant, Morocco
Black Slave woman (Négresse esclave), Morocco
Salam, a Hausa ex-Slave, Tripoli
Map: Northern Africa and the Mediterranean World