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Table of Contents of A History of Madagascar

List of maps
Author’s introduction
Malagasy pronunciation and place names

Part 1: The Island and the People
Chapter 1: A world apart
Chapter 2: The first Malagasy
Chapter 3: The occupation of the island

Part 2: Early European Contacts
Chapter 4: The arrival of the Europeans
Chapter 5: The dream of Madagascar
Chapter 6: The shipwrecked sailor
Chapter 7: The pirates of Madagascar
Chapter 8: The sons of the pirates
Chapter 9: The rise of the Merina

Part 3: Towards a New Civilization
Chapter 10: The king, the governor and the sergeant
Chapter 11: The missionaries
Chapter 12: The queen and the martyrs
Chapter 13: The tragedy of the prince and the playboys

Part 4: The Kingdom in Danger
Chapter 14: The prime minister and the Christian monarchy
Chapter 15: War and diplomacy
Chapter 16: The French conquest

Part 5: Madagascar in the Modern World
Chapter 17: Colonial rule and nationalism
Chapter 18: The road to independence
Chapter 19: Independence and neo-colonialism
Chapter 20: The fall of the First Republic
Chapter 21: Revolutionary socialism
Chapter 22: Return to democracy