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Table of Contents of Sufism and Religious Brotherhoods in Senegal

1. The Origin of Sufism
2. The Birth of the Brotherhoods
3. The Qadiri Tariqa
4. The Tijani Tariqa
Doctrines of the Tijani Tariqa
Al-Hajj Omar and the Expansion of the Tijani Tariqa in Senegal
The Diffusion of the Tijani Tariqa by al-ajj Malik Sy
5. The Mouride Tariqa
Shaykh Muhammad Bamba’s thought
The Birth of the Mouride Tariqa
The Expansion of the Mouride tariqa in Senegal
The Baay Fall
6. The Layeene Tariqa
7. The Brotherhoods in Contemporary Senegalese Society
The Brotherhoods and Culture
The Brotherhoods and the Economy
The Brotherhoods and Social Life
The Brotherhoods and Politics
8. The Future of the Brotherhoods in Senegal
9. Conclusion