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Table of Contents of Sudan in Turmoil: Hasan al-Turabi and the Islamist State, 1989-2003

Preface to the American edition

Chapter One: The Islamist Revolution
– The National Salvation RCC Confirms Its Authority
– Securing the Revolution
– The PDF
– A Brave New Islamic World

Chapter Two: Foreign Policy Initiatives
– The Egyptian Reaction
– Pan-Islamic Sentiments
– Revolutionary Connections: Iran and Libya
– The Tripoli Relationship
– War, the OAU, and President Mubarak
– Rejecting the Peace Process
– Islamists, Mubarak, and the Sudan
– The Consolidation of the Revolution
– Iraq Invades Kuwait
– The Disintegration of Ethiopia

Chapter Three: The Return of Hasan al-Turabi
– The Popular Arab and Islamic Conference
– The First Congress
– The Arrival of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda
– At Home in the Sudan
– Turabi Triumphant
– The Sudan and the Arabs
– Iran and the Sudan

Chapter Four: The NIF Takes Charge
– The Price for the Islamist World
– Turabi the Traveler
– Turabi: Assault and Recovery
– The Egyptian Connection
– The Halayib Imbroglio
– The Saudi Reaction
– The Uneasy Sudan-Uganda Relationship

Chapter Five: The United States and the NIF
– Somalia
– Herman Cohen and the Sudan
– The New York World Trade Center Bombing
– The United States, Sudan, and Somalia
– Humanitarian Missions

Chapter Six: State-Sponsored Terrorism
– The United States- and Sudan-Sponsored Terrorism
– Hasan al-Turabi and the Second Popular Arab and Islamic Conference
– Sudanese Islamists Beyond the Sudan
– The Bosnia Connection
– The Sudan, Yemen, and Egypt

Chapter Seven: The French Connection
– Carlos the Jackal
– The Aftermath of L’Affaire Carlos

Chapter Eight: The PAIC General Assembly, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa
– The Iran-Iraq-Sudan Axis and Bosnia
– The Sudanese Opposition Begins to Revive
– The Inter-Governmental Authority on Drought and Development

Chapter Nine: The Plot to Assassinate President Mubarak and the Sudan
– The Attempt to Assassinate Hosni Mubarak
– Sudan Intelligence Agencies and the Sudan Allied Forces
– The Isolation of the Sudan
– Thunder on the Nile
– Eritrea, Uganda, Ethiopia, and the Sudan

Chapter Ten: Searching for Friends, Surrounded by Enemies
– Hasan al-Turabi and the National Council
– Osama bin Laden for Sale
– Egyptian Sudanese Rapprochement
– The Khobar Towers Bombing
– Subtle Changes in the Sugan
– The Flight of Sadiq al-Mahdi

Chapter Eleven: Arakis, Oil, and China
– Drilling for Black Gold
– The Oil Economies of NIP
– Arakis Takes Charge
– Arakis, Stockholders, and Khartoum
– The Chinese and Sudan Oil

Chapter Twelve: The End of an Islamist Experiment
– Ruling the Sudan
– The Stigma of Terrorism
– The Embassy Bombings and the Al-Shifa Reaction
– The Search for Peace
– Bashir, Turabi, and the Struggle for Power
– Oil Again
– Turabi’s Last Hurrah

Chapter Thirteen: The Murshid Forsaken
– The New Millennium
– Turabi Counters and Is Countered
– Darfur Aflame
– The Bolad Uprising
– Turabi and Darfur
– The Agony of Darfur
– The United States: Sudan on Trial
– Turabi in Jail, Bashir in Charge
– The End of an Islamist Experiment
– Conclusion

Afterword: Recent Developments in Sudan, by Ahmed A. Sikainga