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Table of Contents of Slavery on the Frontiers of Islam

Illustrations and Maps

Chapter 1- Paul Lovejoy, Slavery, the Bilad al-Sudan and the Frontiers of the African Diaspora
Chapter 2- Michael LaRue, The Frontiers of Enslavement: Bagirimi and the Trans-Saharan Slave Routes
Chaper 3- Ann O’Hear, Ilorin as a Slaving and Slave Trading Emirate
Chapter 4- Femi J. Kolapo, The Southward Campaigns of Nupe in the Lower Niger Valley
Chapter 5- Sean Stilwell, the Development of ‘Mamluk’ Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate
Chapter 6- John Edwards Philips, Slavery on Two Ribat in Kanno and Sokoto
Chapter 7- Ibrahim Hamza, Slavery and Plantation Society at Dorayi in Kano Emirate
Chapter 8- John Hunwick, The Religious Practices of Black Slaves in the Mediterranean Islamic World
Chapter 9- Ismael Musah Montana, Ahmad ibn al-Qadi al-Timbuktawi on the Bori Ceremonies of Tunis
Chapter 10- Yacine Daddi Addoun and Paul Lovejoy, Muhammad Kaba Saghanughu and the Muslim Community of Jamaica
Chapter 11- David V. Trotman and Paul E. Lovejoy, Community of Believeres: Trinidad Muslims and te Return to Africa, 1810-1850
Chapter 12- Paul E. Lovejoy, Muslim Freedmen in the Atlantic World: Images of Manumission and Self-Redemption… 233

Notes on Contributers