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Table of Contents of Slavery in the Islamic Middle East

Introduction – Shaun E. Marmon
Domestic Slavery in the Mamluk Empire: A Preliminary Sketch – Shaun E. Marmon
A Liminal State: Slavery in Sixteenth-Century Istanbul – Yvonne J. Seng
Islamic Law and Polemics Over Race and Slavery in North and West Africa (Sixteenth-Nineteenth Century) – John Hunwick
Translation of Louis Frank’s Memoire sur le commerce des negres au Kaire, et sur les maladies auxquelles ils sont sujets en y anivant (1802) (Memoir on the Traffic in Negroes in Cairo and on the Illnesses to which they are Subject upon arrival there) – Michel Le Gall
The Mamluks: The Mainstay of Islam’s Military Might – David Ayalon