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Table of Contents of Slave Revolts in Puerto Rico: Conspiracies and Uprisings, 1795-1873



Chapter 1:
The seditious seeds of Haiti and the 1795 slave conspiracy in Aguadilla

Chapter II:
Major disturbances in the capital of Puerto Rico, 1812

Chapter III:
Bayamón, July 1821

Chapter IV:
Docoudray Holstein and the Night of San Miguel

Chapter V:
From the Bomba Dance in Ponce to the New Reglamento de Esclavos de Puerto Rico of 1826

Chapter VI:
Boom and crisis in the sugar industry, 1790-1850

Chapter VII:
Conspiracies on the south of the island, 1830-1841 and the 1842 conspiracy in Ponce

Chapter VIII:
The 1841 march of the slaves for Chapter II, Article III of the Reglamento de Esclavos de Puerto Rico

Chapter IX:
The capture of the town of Toa Baja, 1843

Chapter X:
The Bando Contra la Raza Negra and the 1848 slave conspiracy in Ponce

Chapter XI:
“The final attempt”: The 1848 slave conspiracy in Vega Baja

Chapter XII:
Homicides committed by slaves: 1850-1873

Chapter XIII:
Conclusion: Slave conspiracies and uprisings in Puerto Rico, 1796-1848