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Table of Contents of Simón Bolívar: History and Myth

Introduction:  Dimensions of the Bolívar Myth

Chapter I.  Historical Foundations
Constructions of a Nation
Elites without a Nation or a Myth
Discourses of the Nation, Slave Revolts, and Caste Society
Caudillos and Bolívar Revenants: Nineteenth-Century Experiments with the State
The Conservative and the Revolutionary Bolívar in the “Age of Extremes”

Chapter II. Simón Bolívar: The Man and the Myth
The Glorious Bolívar Family
In Search of the Ancestors
The Bolívars’ Fortune
The Conservative-Romantic Bolívar Myth
From the “Marxist” to the “Democratic” Bolívar and Back

Chapter III.  Excursus:  “Humboldt and Bolívar”— On a Conversation That May Never Have Taken Place

Postscript, April 2012

Instead of a Conclusion:  The “Chavist Bolívar”


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Works by Michael Zeuske on Bolívar, Humboldt, Miranda, and Independence