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Table of Contents of The Saudi Kingdom: Between the Jihadi Hammer and the Iranian Anvil

Chapter 1. The Kingdom Today
Chapter 2. The Study of Saudi Politics
chapter 3. The Saudi Track Record
Chapter 4.The HouseĀ of Saud
Chapter 5. The Wahhabi Ulema and the Jihadi Threat
Chapter 6. Angry Youth: the Fuel of Revolution
Chapter 7. The Mystique of State Power
Chapter 8. The Price of a Saudi Collapse
Chapter 9. The Risk to the Arab Gulf States
Chapter 10. The Iranian Threat
Chapter 11. The Yemenis are Coming
Chapter 12. Conclusion: Ideas for Reform

Appendix A. The History of the House of Saud
Appendix B. The Wahhabi Movement
Appendix C. Maps