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Table of Contents of The Revolt of African Slaves in Iraq in the 3rd/9th Century

Introduction to the English Edition by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Foreword to the French Edition

I. The Program of the Book
II. Studies of the Revolt
III. The Sources

Chapter One
Origins of the Revolt

I. Geography
The Canal Region of Lower Iraq
Land Renewal

II. The Population (The Zutt, the Zanj)
The Zutt
The Zanj
Origins of the Name “Zanj”
The Land of the Zanj, the Sea of the Zanj
Their Characteristics and Way of Life
The Zanj in Arab Countries
Arab Opinions of the Zanj
The Insurrection of 70/689-90
The Insurrection of 75/694
Other References to the Zanj in Muslim History before the Great Revolt of 255/869
The Huge Spawning Grounds of the Revolt

III. The Period
Discontent in the Capital
The Provinces

Chapter Two
‘Alî b. Muhammad
‘Alî b. Muhammad’ Birth, His Name, His Parents, His Ancestors
The Sojourn in Samârrâ
The Sojourn in Bahrayn
The First Sojourn in Basra
The Sojourn in Baghdad
Return to the Basra Region
Proclamation of the Revolt

Chapter 3
The Revolt and the Beginning of the War
(Spread of the Insurrection)

I. Riot against Neighboring Villages and “the People of Basra” (255/869)
The First Battles
Battles in the Vicinity of Basra

II. The Abbasid Attempt to Crush the Revolt (256-59/870-73)
The Capture of al-Ubulla and ‘Abbâdân
The Capture of Basra
Al-Muwaffaq’s First Campaign

III. Abbasid Troops Content with Preventing the Spread of the Revolt (259-66/873-79)
Successive Operations
The Spread of the Revolt to the al-Batîha and Dast Maysân Regions
Battles between the Zanj and the Saffarid Troops
The Capture of Wâsit
Hamdân Qarmat’s Meeting with the Master of the Zanj

Chapter 4
Continuation of the War and the End of the Revolt
(The Zanj, the Caliphate’s Chief Concern)

I. Offensive Undertaken by Abû l-‘abbâs (Rabî” II 266-Safar 267/November-December 879-September 880)
Abû l-‘Abbâs’s Campaign

II. Al-Muwaffaq’s Return and the Cleansing of Iraq and of the Ahwâz (safar-rajab 267/September 880-February 881)
The Capture of al-Manî’a
The Capture of al-Mansûra
Al-Muwaffaq’s Recapture of Khûzistân

III. The Siege of al-Mukhtâra and the End of the Revolt (rajab 267-safar 270/February 881-August 883)
Al-Muwaffaq’s Offer of Pardon to ‘Alî b. Muhammad
The Construction of al-Muwaffaqiyya
The First Attack on al-Mukhtâra
The Second Attack on al-Mukhtâra
The Death of Bahbûdh b. ‘Abd al-Wahhâb
The Wounding of al-Muwaffaq
Capture of the Western Section of al-Mukhtâra
Attack on the Eastern Section of al-Mukhtâra
The Last Battle, Death of ‘Alî b. Muhammad
The Torment of the Leaders of the Revolt

Chapter 5
Internal and External Organization of the New State

I. Internal Organization
Political, Religious, and Social Organization
Various Buildings
The Administration
The Economy
The Army

II. External Organization
Relations with the Population
Relations with Other Contemporary Movements

Final Remarks
‘Alî b. Muhammad’s Personality
‘Alî b. Muhammad’s Doctrine
The Consequences of the Zanj Revolt
Annotated Chronological Bibliography
I. Primary Sources
II. Modern Studies


Appendix I: The Different Names of ‘Alî b. Muhammad
Appendix II: Genealogy of ‘Alî b. Muhammad
Appendix III: The Different Versions of ‘Alî b. Muhammad’s Death
Appendix IV: Poetic Fragments from the Master of the Zanj
Appendix V: Chronological Table