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Table of Contents of Reflections on a Puerto Rican Life: Benjy Lopez: A Picaresque Tale of Emigration and Return

Prologue, by Robert Farris Thompson
Introduction: Reflections on a Puerto Rican Life
Metamorphoses of a Jíbaro
In Search of Dignity
From Testimonial to Testament
In Benjy Lopez’s Words

1. Salpicar: The Splash
2. My First Growing-Up (1922—1940)
3. I Became Such a GI (1940—1943)
4. My New Way with the Army (1943—1945)
5. We Conquerors (1945)
6. The System Is Upstairs (1945)
7. Marine Tiger, or “500,000 Came for Dinner”(1946—1951)
8. A Jíbaro in a Goddamn Place Like That (1946)
9. What the United States Was All About (1946)
10. Forced to End Innocence (1946—1947)
11. B-29s (1947)
12. Marriage by Proxy (1948—1950)
13. Every University Has a Dubinsky (1950—1951)
14. How Eisenhower Ruined the Neighborhood (1947—1952)
15. These Cubans, They Were All My Friends (1952)
16. Don’t Use That Goddamn Word “Crime”! (1953)
17. Trip Guy (1951—1953)
18. The Hacking Deal (1952—1956)
19. Turning Points (1955—1961)
20. My Exile from Puerto Rico (1961—1965)
21. The Waterfront Deal Was Dying for Me (1961—1965)
22. Even Inside Puerto Rico (1966)
23. If I Keep On

Afterword: Changing the Story
Inconvenient Individuals
The Sad Tale of the Puerto Rican Testimonial
Notes to the Introduction
Notes to the Afterword