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Table of Contents of Problems in the History of Modern Africa (Vol. III in the Problems in African History Series)


Problem I: Decolonization and the End of Empire
Hargreaves: Decolonization in Africa
Low: The Asian Mirror to Tropical Africa’s Independence
Louis and Robinson: The United States and the Liquidation
Suret-Canale: From Colorization to Independence in French Tropical Africa: The Economic Background
Woddis: Africa: The Roots of Revolt
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Problem II: The African Environment: Origins of a Crisis
Timberlake: Africa in Crisis: The Causes, the Cures of Environmental Bankruptcy
Anderson and Johnson: Introduction: Ecology and Society in Northeast African History
Cleaver and Schreiber: Reversing the Spiral: Population, Agriculture and Environment Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa
Thomas-Slater and Rocheleau: Gender, Resources, Local Institutions: New Identities for Kenya’s Rural Women
Lofchie: The Decline of African Agriculture: An Internalist Perspective
Baker: Linking and Sinking: Economic Externalities and the Persistence of Destitution and Famine in Africa
Gritzner: The West African Sahel: Human Agency and Environmental Change
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Problem III: Epidemics and Health Care in Africa: The Human and Financial Costs
Maclean: Medical Expertise and Africa
Stock and Anyiman: National Governments and Health Service Policy in Africa
Woelk: Primary Health Care in Zimbabwe: Can It Survive?
Schoepf: Women, AIDS, and Economic Crisis in Central Africa
Green: AIDS and STDs in Africa
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Problem IV: Democracy and the Nation State
Goldsworthy: Ghana’s Second Republic: A Post-Mortem
Crowder: Whose Dream Was It Anyway? Twenty-Five Years of African Independence
Jackson and Rosberg: Democracy in Tropical Africa: Democracy versus Autocracy in African Politics
Staudt: Women’s Politics, the State, and Capitalist Transformation in Africa
Ogundipe-Leslie: In Search of Citizenship: African Women and the Myth of Democracy
Davidson: The Black Man’s Burden: Africa and the Curse of the Nation State
Molutsi and Holm: Developing Democracy: When Civil Society is Weak: The Case of Botswana
Sisk: South Africa and the Politics of Divided Societies
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Problem V: Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Failure or Success?
Young: Bula Matari and the Contemporary African Crisis
Skinner: Development in Africa: A Cultural Perspective
Agovi: Consensual Politics and Development Aid in Africa
Browne: Alternative Policy Frameworks for African Development in the 1990s
Kamarck: The Resources of Tropical Africa
Fieldhouse: Arrested Development in Anglophone Black Africa
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Problem VI: Contemporary African Civil Wars
Collier: Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa
Jackson: Africa’s Wars: Overview, Causes, and Challenges of Conflict Transformation
Collins: Civil Wars in Sudan
Kisangani: Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Mosaic of Insurgent Groups