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Table of Contents of Problems in African History: The Precolonial Centuries (Vol. I in Problems in African History)


Problem I. Africa and Egypt

Sanders: The Hamitic Hypothesis: Its Origin in Time
Posnansky: Kingship, Archaeology, and Historical Myth
Diop: The African Origins of Western Civilization
Mauny: A Review of Diop
Bernal: Black Athena
Rogers: Black Athena Revisited
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Problem II. Bantu Origins and Migration
Johnston: Bantu Languages
Guthrie: Some Developments in the Prehistory of the Bantu
Greenberg: The Languages of Africa
Flight: Trees and Traps
Spear: Bantu Migrations
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Problem III. African Trade and States
Omer-Cooper: The Zulu Aftermath
Wrigley: State Formation in Uganda
Vansina: Kingdoms of the Savanna
Reefe: The Luba-Lunda Empire
Beach: The Rise of the Zimbabwe State
Jones: Trading States of the Oil Rivers
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Problem IV. Islam in Africa
Hiskett: The Sword of Truth
Smith: The Jihad of Shehu Dan Fodio
Junaid: 19th Century Reforms in Hausaland
Waterman: The Jihad in Hausaland
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Problem V. Women in African Societies
Thornton: Sexual Demography
Meillassoux: Female Slavery
Klein: Women in Slavery in the Western Sudan
Brooks: The Signares: Entrepreneurial African Women
Berger: Women as Spirit Mediums in East Africa
Musisi: Women and State Formation in Buganda
Oyewumi: Inventing Gender: Questioning Gender
in Precolonial Yorubaland
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Problem VI. Slavery in Africa
Rodney: African Slavery on the Upper Guinea Coast
Fage: Slavery in West African History 260
Meirs and Kopytoff: Slavery in Africa
Lovejoy: Transformations in Slavery
Kopytoff: Commentary on Paul Lovejoy
Collins: The Asian Slave Trade
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Topographic Map of Africa xvii
Languages of the African Peoples
Bantu Classification
Diffusion of the Bantu Languages
Representative States of Precolonial Africa
Islam in West Africa