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Table of Contents of A People’s History of Latin America


Chapter I: The Amerindian Antiquity

The Mayas
The Aztecs
The Incas

Chapter II: From Colonization to Decolonization

Chapter III: The Postcolonial Period of Latin America

Chapter IV: Latin American Wars of the Postcolonial Period

The Struggle for Stability and Modernity in Mexico
The Caribbean:  From Columbus to Castro

Chapter V: The Battle for Central America

Where the Revolution Lost
The Agonizing Nicaraguan Alternative
The Persistent Salvadorians
The Cheapest Banana Republic

Chapter VI: The Andean Region: The Liberator’s Dreams

The Venezuelan Connection
The “Doctores” of Colombia
The Ecuadorians
From Silver to Coca
The Peruvian Military Society

Chapter VII: From Southern Cone to ABC Powers

The Parliamentary Mirage
Argentina: The Port and the Pampa
The Obsessive Hinterland
The Swiss Illusion
The Awaking Giant

Chapter VIII: Latin America After the Cold War