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Table of Contents of People and Issues in Latin American History, Vol. II: From Independence to the Present

Preface to the Third Edition

Section I: Simón Bolívar — The Liberator

1. Harold A. Bierck, Jr.: Simón Bolívar: The Life
2. Daniel F. O’Leary: Portrait of Bolívar
3. Simón Bolívar: The Jamaica Letter
4. Simón Bolívar: Message to the Congress of Bolivia
5. J. B. Trend: Disillusion, Rejection and Death

Section II: The Age of Caudillos — Juan Manuel De Rosas

1. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento: The Human Background of Dictatorship, The Gaucho
2. William Spence Robertson: What the French Thought of Rosas
3. Esteban Echeverría: An Argentine Writer Condemns Rosas in The Slaughter House
4. José Luis Romero: Rosas Continued the Authoritarian Colonial Tradition
5. John Lynch: Rosas Proved the Limits as Well as the Strengths of Caudillism
6. Rosas Still Lives in the Hearts of Some Argentines!

Section III: Nineteenth-Century Economic Affairs: Did Railroads Hold the Key to Progress?

1. Sanford A. Mosk: Latin America and the World Economy, 1850–1914
2. J. Fred Rippy: Henry Meiggs, Yankee Railroad Builder
3. John Dos Passos: Emperor of the Caribbean
4. Anyda Marchant: Emperor Pedro II Gave the Banker Mauá a Hard Time
5. Hernán Horna: Francisco Javier Cisneros, The Most Successful Railroad Builder in Nineteenth-Century Colombia
6. Michiel Baud: The End of a Dream: The Railroad Age in the Dominican Republic

Section IV: African Slavery in Brazil

1. Henry Koster: Slaves in Brazil Have More Tolerable Lives than Those in Other Countries
2. Robert Walsh: “A Horrid Traffic”: Life on a Slave Ship
3. D.P. Kidder and J.C. Fletcher: Slavery is Doomed in Brazil
4. Herbert H. Smith: Slavery is a Curse for Both Blacks and Whites
5. Gilberto Freyre: The Majority of the Brazilians in the 1850s Were Living in the Middle Ages
6. Emilia Viotti da Costa: Brazilian Paternalism Was a Myth

Section V: Porfirio Díaz: Dictator of Mexico

1. James Creelman: President Díaz: Hero of the Americas
2. John Kenneth Turner: The Díaz System
3. William H. Beezley: The Bullfight Was a Metaphor of Mexican Society
4. Charles C. Cumberland: The Díaz Regime was Unconcerned with the Needs of the Masses and Ignorant of Their Potential Power
5. Daniel Cosío Villegas: The Porfiriato: Legend and Reality

Section VI: Conflicting Latin and Yankee Attitudes at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

1. Harold E. Davis: José Martí, Poet, Journalist, Cuban Revolutionary and Moral Conscience of “Nuestra America”
2. José Enrique Rodó: Did the United States Represent the Materialistic Caliban, and Latin America the Idealistic Ariel?
3. Rubén Darío: Ode to Roosevelt
4. George W. Crichfield: The United States is Honor Bound to Maintain Law and Order in South America
5. Carlos Fuentes: Ariel is still an Essential Book in the Latin American Search for Identity

Section VII: Eva Perón — Argentine Feminist

1. Eva Perón: My Mission in Life
2. María Flores: The Woman with the Whip
3. Nicholas Fraser and Marysa Navarro: The Gift of Giving
4. Richard Bourne: Eva in Decline
5. Nancy Caro Hollander: Women: The Forgotten Half of Argentine History
6. Richard Bourne: The Peronist Phenomenon and the Significance of Eva

Section VIII: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

1. Hugh Thomas: The Castro Revolution Was the Culmination of a Long Series of Thwarted Revolutions
2. Fidel Castro: The Duty of a Revolutionary is to Make the Revolution: The Second Declaration of Havana
3. Lee Lockwood: A North American Journalist Interviews Castro
4. Tad Szulc: Castro at the Age of Sixty
5. Juan M. del Aguila: Dilemmas of a Revolution: Cuba in the 1990s

SECTION IX: Hugo Chavez — A Venezuelan Populist in the Era of Globalization

1. Robert N. Gwynne and Cristóbal Kay: Globalization, Neoliberalism, and Neostructuralism Defined
2. Michael Shifter and Vinay Jawahar: Latin America’s Populist Turn
3. Jennifer L. McCoy: Demystifying Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez
4. Hugo Chávez: Globalization Has Brought an Increase in Dependency
5. Gary Payne: Venezuela’s Chávez as Everyman

Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing