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Table of Contents of One Frenchman, Four Revolutions: General Ferrand and the Peoples of the Caribbean


Chapter 1: The Atlantic Revolution and Its Caribbean Scenarios
Chapter 2: The Atlantic Revolution in Its Caribbean Context
ChapterĀ 3: General Ferrand and the French Occupation of Spanish Santo Domingo
Chapter 4: Thinking of Santo Domingo as a French Colony
Chapter 5: Ferrand and the Events of 1808
Chapter 6: The Siege and Capitulation of Santo Domingo
ChapterĀ 7: Conclusion

Appendix 1: Arrests of Persons Jailed in Santo Domingo on Suspicion of Possible Subversion, September 1808 to June 1809
Appendix 2: Dominican Soldiers and Sailors Captured by the French in Action at the Siege of Santo Domingo, 1809
Appendix 3: Soldiers of the Puerto Rican Fixed Regiment Made Prisoner in Action against the French during the Siege of Santo Domingo, 1809