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Table of Contents of Olympia: Cult, Sport, and Ancient Festival

List of Illustrations vi
Introduction vii
I. The Battles for Olympia 1
II. The Origins 7
III. The Oracle 15
IV. Coming Home for the Olympics 23
V. The Athletes 26
VI. The Olympic Competition 30
VII. Philosophers against Athletes 49
VIII. The Birth of an Olympic Idea 54
IX. Temple and Altar 58
X. The Theater 66
XI. Preparation and Training 70
XII. Ancient Tourism between the Festivals 76
XIII. The Olympic Village 83
XIV. The Gymnasium and Art Exhibits 91
XV. Alexander the Great and Other Benefactors 96
XVI. Thirst for Olympia 106
XVII. Emperor Nero at Olympia 111
XVIII. An Honorable End 119
Historical Overview 130
Selected Bibliography with Annotations 136
Illustration Credits 140
Personalities from Greek and Roman History 141
Names in Greek Myths and Legends 145
Index of Subjects and Places 147