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Table of Contents of Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar

Introduction by Patricia Romero

I. Bet il Mtoni

II. Bet il Watoro

III. A Day at Bet il Sahel

IV. Our Life at Bet il Watoro and at Bet il Sahel

V. Removal to Bet il Tani

VI. Daily Life in Our House

VII. Our Meals

VIII. Birth and First Years of the Life of a Prince and Princess

IX. Schooling in the East

X. Yearly Outfit. Toilet and Fashion in Our Household

XI. A Plantation

XII. My Father’s Voyage

XIII. Death-news

XIV. Our Mourning

XV. About Some of My Brothers and Sisters

XVI. Woman’s Position in the East

XVII. Arab Matchmaking

XVIII. An Arab Lady’s Call

XIX. The Audience. Visits Between Gentlemen

XX. The Long Fast

XXI. The Little Festival

XXII. The Great Festival

XXIII. An Offering at the Spring Tshemshem

XXIV. Diseases and Medical Treatment. Possessed People

XXV. Slavery

XXVI. My Mother’s Death. A Palace Revolution

XXVII. Kisimbani and Bububu

XXVIII. My Last Residence in Zanzibar

XXIX. Great Changes

XXX. Sejid Bargash in London

XXXI. Re-Visiting My Home After Nineteen Years