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Table of Contents of Memoirs of a Janissary

List of Illustrations
Translator’s Preface

Foreword to the Text

I. Concerning the Ignoble Heathens
II. Concerning Mohammed and His Helper Ali
III. How the Heathens Are in Regard to Their Temples and Religion
IV. Concerning the Second Temple
V. Concerning the Second Sermon
VI. Concerning Their Councils
VII. What the Heathens Call in Their Language the Angels, etc.
VIII. Concerning Turkish and Heathen Justice
IX. Concerning the Ancestors of the Turkish Emperor
X. Concerning the Rule of His Son Mustaffa
XI. Concerning Aladin, Mustaffa’s Son
XII. Concerning Morat, Aladin’s Son
XIII. Concerning Sultan, Morat’s Son
XIV. Concerning the Greek Emperor
XV. Concerning God’s Punishment for Our Sins
XVI. How It Went in the Serbian or Raškan Kingdom
XVII. Concerning the Reign of Emperor Baiazit
XVIII. Concerning the Great Khan and His Rule
XIX. Concerning the Great Khan and Emperor Morat
XX. Concerning the Reign of Emperor Morat
XXI. How King Vladislav Marched with the Despot against the Turkish Emperor Morat
XXII. Concerning the Turkish Emperor Morat: How He Fared Later
XXIII. Concerning King Vladislav: How His Majesty Fared Later Against the Heathens
XXIV. How Voivode Janko Marched Against the Turks
XXV. Concerning the Rule of Emperor Machomet
XXVI. How Emperor Machomet Deceived the Greek Emperor
XXVII. How Emperor Machomet Deceived Despot Đurađ
XXVIII. What Happened to the Despot at the Hands of Janko
XXIX. How Emperor Machomet Attacked Belgrade but Gained Nothing
XXX. How Emperor Machomet Deceived the Morean Despot Dimitri
XXXI. How Emperor Machomet Marched Against Trebizond
XXXII. Concerning Uzun Hasan, the Tatar Lord
XXXIII. Concerning the Wallachian Voivode Dracula
XXXIV. How the Bosnian King Tomaš Sent to the Turkish Emperor Concerning a Truce
XXXV. How Emperor Machomet Marched Back to Bosnia
XXXVI. How Emperor Machomet Ordered a Lord to Count the Imperial Treasure
XXXVII. How the Two Brothers Dealt with Each Other
XXXVIII. Concerning the Organization of All Turkish Lands
XXXIX. Concerning the Organization of the Imperial Court
XL. Concerning Pitched Battle or Warfare
XLI. Concerning Organization: Whoever Wishes to Fight with the Turks
XLII. Concerning the Turkish Raiders or Cossacks
XLIII. Concerning the Sarachori
XLIV. Concerning the Martalusy
XLV. Concerning the Organization of a Turkish Assault
XLVI. Concerning the Christians Who Are under the Turks
XLVII. Concerning Turkish Expansion
XLVIII. How the Turkish Emperor Presents Himself at His Court
XLIX. The Imperial Names in the Turkish Language
L. Concerning the Unity of Two Most Illustrious and High-Born Kings

Selected Bibliography