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Table of Contents of Life in a Haitian Valley

Introduction by Sidney W. Mintz

The Valley of Mirebalais (the original introduction to the 1937 edition)

1. The Cultural Ancestry of the Haitians
I. The African Heritage
II. What the Slaves Found in Haiti
III. Working the Amalgam

2. The Daily Round
IV. The Setting of Haitian Life
V. Birth, Childhood, and Adolescence
VI. Mating and Marriage
VII. Property, Wealth, and the Family

3. Haitian Religion
VIII. What is “Voodoo”?
IX. Vodun Worship: The Service
X. Vodun Worship: The Dance
XI. The Cult of Twins and of the Dead
XII. Magic, Good and Bad

4. Haiti, A Cultural Mosaic
XIII. Africa and Europe in Haitian Life
XIV. Catholicism and Vodun
XV. Some Wider Implications

I. The Gods of the Vodun Pantheon
II. Some Comments on Method
III. Notes on the Text
IV. Glossary of Creole Terms Used in the Text