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Table of Contents of Kabul Under Siege: Fayz Muhammad’s Account of the 1929 Uprising

List of Maps and Illustrations
Note on Transliteration

Fayz Muhammad: His Life and Works
Fayz Muhammad’s Journal/Narrative of the 1929 Putsch

Part One:
The Tajiks Take Kabul
The Background of Habib Allah, “the Watercarrier’s Boy”
The First Tajik Assault on Kabul
The Second Tajik Assault, the Abdication of Aman Allah, and the Three-Day Amirate of Inayat Allah Khan
Habib Allah Takes Full Possession of the Capital

Part Two:
The Tajiks Consolidate and Resistance Grows
Ali Ahmad Khan Luynab’s Amirate in the East
The Tajik Administration in Kabul
Evacuation of Foreigners
Demonstrations of Support for Aman Allah in Kabul
Habib Allah’s Struggle to Extend His Control and Defend Kabul
The Kabul-Qandahar Routes
The Capture of Qandahar and Its Aftermath
The Final Chapter for Ali Ahmad Luynab
The Logar Valley
The Arrival of Nadir Khan in the Logar Valley
The Tagab Front
The Ghurband Front
The Situation in Kabul to the Beginning of June
Confiscations, Requisitions, and Price Controls
Assassination Plots
Sexual Improprieties
Religious Deviation

Part Three:
Habib Allah and the Hazarahs
The Second Mission to the Hazarahjat
The Third Delegation to the Hazarahjat
Fighting between Hazarahs and Tajiks Continues
Executions in Kabul and Divisions in Hazarah Ranks

Part Four:
Nadir Khan Fades Away and the Hazarahs Negotiate
Musahiban Activity in the Eastern and Southern Provinces
The Independence Day Celebrations
The End of Resistance in Tagab
The Hazarahs Make Their Peace with the Tajiks