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Table of Contents of Jihad: A History in Documents (2016 Expanded Edition)


Preface to the Third Edition, 2016

1. Jihad, an Introduction

2. The Prophet’s Lesson on Conduct in War: Hadiths on Jihad from the Sahih of Muslim ibn Hajjaj

3. Exhortations to Jihad: Passages on Jihad and Martyrdom from Malik’s al-Muwatta

4. The Legal Doctrine of Jihad: The Chapter on Jihad from Averroes’ Legal Handbook al-Bidaya

5. The Religious and Moral Doctrine of Jihad: Ibn Taymiyya on Jihad

6. Jihad and War Propaganda: The Ottoman Jihad Fatwa of November 11, 1914

7. A Modernist Interpretation of Jihad: Mahmud Shaltut’s Treatise Koran and Fighting

8. The Doctrine of Jihad in Modern Islam

9. The Relevance of the Jihad Doctrine in Sadat’s Egypt

10. The Notion of Jihad at the Turn of the 21st Century

11. Jihad after 9/11

12. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria