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Table of Contents of Jews and Judaism in African History


Chapter One: Jews in Africa in Classical Antiquity
The Early Semitic Thrust into Africa
The Great Exodus and the Foundations of Judaism
The Jewish Community at Elephantine
Jews in Egypt under the Ptolemies: The First Golden Age
The Early Jewish Diaspora to North Africa
Alexandrian Jews in the Roman Era
The Collapse of Alexandrian Judaism
The Challenge of Christianity

Chapter Two: Jews and Muslims in North Africa to the Seventeenth Century
The Arab Conquest
Jews under the African Fatimids: Dimensions of Mutuality and Toleration
Jews under the Mamluks
Revolutionary Times: Jews under the Almoravids and Almohads
Jews in the Mediterranean and Trans-Saharan Trades
Judeophobia Redux: The Central Sahara and the West African Sudan
Jews in Ottoman-Ruled Africa: A Symbiotic Relationship
The Sephardic Diaspora in the Maghrib
Morocco: Jewish Exiles in a Muslim Sultanate

Chapter Three: Jews and Conversos in the Formative Years of the West and Central African Atlantic Slave Trade
The New Atlantic Economy
Getting Started: The Early Years
The Iberian Factor: Anti-Semitism, Expulsion, and Diaspora
The São Tomé Factor
Expanding Frontiers of Violence and Chaos: The Angolan Wars
Transitions: Expansion to the Americas
The Plantation Economy and the Slave Trade Move Westward
An Intriguing New Nexis: Brazil, Kongo, Angola
The Amsterdam Factor
Jews, Conversos, and the West African Trade
The Curaçaoan Factor

Chapter Four: Jews and the Rise of South Africa
The Early Entrepreneurs
The Lure of Diamonds and Gold
Jewish Randlords and Uitlanders
Jews, British, and Afrikaners
Jewish Political Leadership and the Union of South Africa
Jews and the Industrialization of the Country
The Roots of Modern Anti-Semitism: The Lithuanians and Latvians
The Rise of Zionism
Jews and South African Culture
The Early Quest for Social Justice
Zionism Redux: Flirting with the Israelis
Navigating in Treacherous Waters
Jews as Philanthropists and Business Innovators
Novelists, Writers, and Artists
Jews as Defenders of Civil Liberties
Jews and the Post-Soweto Era
Jews and the Post-Apartheid World: Exodus Redux?

Chapter Five: Jews and Judaism in Southern and Eastern Africa
New Immigration from Eastern Europe
Jews in Portuguese East Africa
The Lemba: The Earliest Jews of Southern Africa?
Jews and the Post-Apartheid World: Exodus Redux?
Jews in East Africa
Jews and Judaism in Ethiopia

Chapter Six: North African Jewry Since the Seventeenth Century
Jewish and Muslim Coexistence in North Africa
Morocco: Jews in a Muslim Sultanate
Jews of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya