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Table of Contents of Israel and Palestine: Peace Plans and Proposals from Oslo to Disengagement (Updated 2008 Edition)

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2
The Oslo Accords, 1993-1999

Chapter 3
Camp David July 2000

Chapter 4
The Clinton Parameters — December 2000

Chapter 5
Taba — January 2001

Chapter 6
Mitchell-Tenet-Zinni Recommendations — April 2001-March 2002

Chapter 7
The Saudi Initiative-Arab League Resolution and UNSC Resolution

Chapter 8
President Bush: October 2001 — The Rose Garden Speech June 2002

Chapter 9
The Road Map — April 2003

Chapter 10
The Geneva Accord — October 2003

Chapter 11
The Nusseibeh-Ayalon Petition (The People’s Voice) — July 2002

Chapter 12
The Disengagement Plan — 2003-2005

Chapter 13
US-Israel Understandings: Bush and Weissglas Letters

Chapter 14
Conclusions: Is There a Plan for Peace?


Appendix I
Letters of Mutual Recognition

Appendix II
Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements — September 13, 1993

Appendix III
Arab Peace Initiative-Beirut Summit

Appendix IV
The Road

Appendix V
Geneva Accord — A Model Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

Appendix VI
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Four-Stage Disengagement Plan

Appendix VII
United States-Israel Understandings