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Table of Contents of The Island of Cuba: A Political Essay

Publisher’s Note
Introduction – Luis Martínez-Fernández
Preliminary Essay – J.S. Thrasher
Political Essay on the Island of Cuba – Alexander von Humboldt
Chapter I: General Views
Chapter II: Physical Aspect
Chapter III: Climate
Chapter IV: Geography
Chapter V: Population
Chapter VI: Slavery
Chapter VII: Races
Chapter VIII: Sugar Culture
Chapter IX: Agriculture
Chapter X: Commerce
Chapter XI: Internal Communications
Chapter XII: Revenue
Chapter XIII: A Trip to Trinidad

Additional features of this edition:
The Nature of Slavery (by Alexander von Humboldt, translated by Shelley L. Frisch)
The Thrasher Edition Controversy in the New York Daily Times
Humboldt and Arango y Parreño: A Dialogue (by Frank Argote-Freyre)