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Table of Contents of Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism


Part I: Islamophobia

1. Islamophobia: A New Word for an Old Fear (Abdullah Sajid)

2. Islamophobia: Meaning, Manifestations, Causes (Mustafa Abu Sway)

3. An East-West Dichotomy: Islamophobia (Eugenio ChahĂșan)

Part II: Anti-Semitism

4. The New Anti-Semitism and the Middle East (Dina Porat)

5. Western Perceptions of Anti-Semitism in Arab and Islamic Discourse (Alexander Flores)

6. Mirror Images: Perceptions and Interest in the Israel/Palestine Conflict (John Bunzl Excursus)

7. Can the Experience of Diaspora Judaism Serve as a Model for Islam in Today’s Multicultural Europe? (Sander Gilman)

Part III: Images of the Other

8. Bridging the Unbridgeable: The Holocaust and Al-Naqba (Dan Bar-On and Saliba Sarsar)

9. The Anti-Semitism of Hamas (Meir Litvak)

10. Fear of the Other (Hanna Biran)

11. Through the Squalls of Hate: Arab-Phobic Attitudes among Extreme and Moderate Right in Israel (Sivan Hirschhoeffler and Eran Halperin)

12. To the Bone: Reflections on Identity (Farid Abdel-Nour)

Part IV: Education and Textbooks

13. Learning All the Wrong Facts (Akiva Eldar)

14. Incitement in Israeli and Palestinian Textbooks (Nadia Nasser-Najjab)

15. The Arab Image in Hebrew School Textbooks (Daniel Bar-Tal)

16. The Politicization of Palestinian Children: An Analysis of Nursery Rhymes (Nafez and Laila Nazzal)

17. Schoolbooks in the Making: From Conflict to Peace: A Critical Analysis of the New Palestinian Textbooks for Grades One and Six (Sami Adwan)

Part V: Approaches to a Better World

18. Islam and Democracy: Are They Compatible? (Abdelmajid Charfi)

19. On Overcoming Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia (Yehuda Stolov)

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