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Table of Contents of The Islamic Middle East and Japan: Perceptions, Aspirations, and the Birth of Intra-Asian Modernity

Renée Worringer

Hideaki Sugita
The First Contact Between Japanese and Iranians As Seen Through Travel Diaries

Michael Penn
East Meets East: An Ottoman Mission in Meiji Japan

Handan Nezir-Akmese
The Japanese Nation in Arms: A Role Model for Militarist Nationalism in the Ottoman Army, 1905-1914

Renée Worringer
Japan’s Progress Reified: Modernity and Arab Dissent in the Ottoman Empire

Thomas Eich
Pan-Islam and “Yellow Peril”: Geo-strategic Concepts in Salafi Writings Prior to World War I

Cemil Aydin
Beyond Eurocentrism? Japan’s Islamic Studies During the Era of the Greater East Asia War (1937-1945)