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Table of Contents of Islamic Art and Literature


Oleg Grabar
Seeing Things: Why Pictures in Texts?

I. Imagining Space and the Spaces of Imagination

Michael Cooperson
Images Without Illustrations: The Visual Imagination in Classical Arabic Biography

Julie S. Meisami
Palaces and Paradises: Palace Description in Medieval Persian Poetry

II. Narrating Illustrations: Two Case Studies in Text-Image Relationships

Jerome W. Clinton
Ferdowsi and the Illustration of the Shahnameh

Cynthia Robinson
The Lover, His Lady, Her Lady, and a Thirteenth-Century Celestina: A Recipe for Love Sickness from al-Andalus

III. Beyond the Frame: Considering the Object

David J. Roxburgh
The Aesthetics of Aggregation: Persian Anthologies of the Fifteenth Century

Sussan Babaie
The Sound of the Image/The Image of the Sound: Narrativity in Persian Art of the Seventeenth Century