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Table of Contents of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity: Theological and Historical Affiliations


The Religious Context on the Arabian Peninsula at the Time of Muhammad
Political and Religious Background
Trading Activities of Meccan Merchants; Ethiopia
Relationship to the Jews
The Meccan Sanctuary
The Hanifs
Muhammad’s Sources

The People of the Book (ahl al-kitab)
Unity and Diversity in their Religion
Jews and Christians
The Transgressions of the Jews
Muhammad’s Assessment of the Christians
Severance with the People of the Book
The Religion of Abraham

Narratives from the Old Testament
An Overview
The Creation, Paradise, and the Fall
Cain and Abel
The Flood and Other Divine Judgments
Abraham (Ibrahim)
Joseph (Yusuf)
Moses (Musa) and the Israelites
The Kings of the Israelites
The End of the Israelites

Narratives from the New Testament
An Overview
Jesus (Yeshua) in the Salvation History
Jesus Saves his Mother (sura 19:1-33)
The Rejection of Jesus and the Falsification of God’s Word; Gethsemane and the Last Supper
Jesus’ Sermon
The Crucifixion (sura 4: 156-157)

The Present-Day Situation and its Foundation in History
Introductory Comments
The Conquests; Muslims and non-Muslims
The Situation of Jews and Christians in the Islamic State
Islam in Europe; Islamic Missionization
Dialogue instead of Missionization
Conditions for a Dialogue and its Subject Matter

Index of Proper Names
Index of Koran Verses