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Table of Contents of Islam in Europe: The Lure of Fundamentalism and the Allure of Cosmopolitanism


Chapter 1: The Other Europe

Chapter 2: Contemporary Islam

Chapter 3: The Terrorist Moment

Chapter 4: The Istanbul Attacks and Islamic Scenography

Chapter 5: Islam and Globalization: Similarity or Alterity?

Chapter 6: Modernity, Taxonomies: Global and Local

Chapter 7: Extra-Modernities

Chapter 8: Secularism, the Public Space, and Islamic Visibility

Chapter 9: Questions of Women, Questions of Civilization?

Chapter 10: Publics, Republic, and Denied Citizenship

Chapter 11: The Veil, the Reversal of the Stigma, and the Quarrel over Women

Chapter 12: Identifying Europe: Alterizing Turkey?

Chapter 13: Giving Up European “Purity”