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Table of Contents of Iran: A Short History


Chapter I. The Early Islamic Period (642-1055)
The Arab Conquest
The Islamization of Iran
The Doctrine of Twelver Shi>ism
The ‘Abbasid Caliphate
The Samanids
The Buyids
The Continuing Existence of Iranian Traditions
The Beginnings of New Persian Literature

Chapter II. Iran under the Turks and Mongols (1055-1501)
The Eleventh Century
From the Saljuqs to the Khwarazm-Shahs
The Saljuq State
Sunnism and Shi’ism under the Saljuqs
The Mongol Invasion and Its Consequences
The Il-Khans
Concepts of Rulership and Empire
Islam under Mongol Rule
Timur and His Successors

Chapter III. Iran in the Early Modern Period (1501-1779)
Turkish Immigration from the West
The Safavids
The Safavid State
Shi’ism under the Safavids
Iran in the Eighteenth Century

Chapter IV. From the Qajars to the Islamic Republic
(1779 to the Present)
The Qajars
The Qajar State
Shi’ism in the Nineteenth Century
From the Constitutional Revolution to the Pahlavis
The Pahlavis
Political Shi’ism and the Islamic Revolution
The Islamic Republic
Women in Modern Iran
Future Prospects

Selected Bibliography

Index of Names

Iran from the 7th to the 15th Century
Iran in Modern Times